Are you at rest?

Do you suffer from sleepless nights? Do you find it difficult to rest at night?

Hebrews 4:1-3 tells us that God has a rest for all who will enter in.

So this is my word of Hope for you today

In this passage, the writer was talking about unbelief as the reason you can’t rest.

Hebrews 4:1-3: “let us, therefore, fear, lest a promise being left of us entering into his rest, any of you should seem to come short of it.”

“For unto us was the Gospel preached as well as unto them but the word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it. You see, they failed to enter God’s rest because of the lack of faith!”

But now look at verse 3: “For we which have believed do enter into rest as he said as I have sworn in my wrath if they shall enter into my rest.”

Jesus offers you His rest. Grab it today.

Exercise your faith, Build your faith, Trigger your faith and trust Him. His rest is sweet!

This is my Word of Hope for you, my friend.

Reflect on this message:

1. As you read or hear this message, what does it mean to you?

2. What part of it do you have questions about? Ask God to explain it to you.

3. What should you do now to apply this message to your life?

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