Are you tolerant of sin?

We hear a lot about tolerance on the news, but tolerance for the wrong things, not the right things.

The problem is this:
Showing tolerance toward sin, idolatry, blasphemy, demonic practices, and immorality is no virtue.

Such tolerance offends God, and it should be an offense to you and to me.

Remember this: Deuteronomy 4:24
“For the Lord, your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God”

In truth, our God is a very intolerant God — and rightfully so.

He will not tolerate idolatry. He will not tolerate immorality or other gods!

People tolerate evil and sin when they allow moral lines to become blurred.

When Christianity becomes just another religious philosophy, the seeds of destruction are planted.

Authentic Christian faith is not a moral principle or a spiritual practice. It is a relationship with the One Who is the only way to eternal life.

Pray: Forgive me for going through the motions of faith while tolerating sin. May the things that offend You offend me. And what You love, may I love.”

This is my Word of Hope for you, my friend.

Reflect on this message:

1. As you read or hear this message, what does it mean to you?

2. What part of it do you have questions about? Ask God to explain it to you.

3. What should you do now to apply this message to your life?

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